Recipes & Serving Suggestions

A collection of pintxos and tapas recipes and serving suggestions, both traditional and more unusual. The ever-expanding collection is also available in a free PDF download that will be updated regularly, so that you'll have a handy reference that's more forgiving to potential kitchen mishaps than computers and tablets.

Download the free Donostia Foods Recipes & Serving Suggstions PDF

Gilda Pintxo - Donostia FoodsWhite Asparagus DO Navarre Salad with Honey VinaigretteCockles (Berberechos) Conservas Ceviche - Donostia Foodsavocado toast with piment d'espelette

Shirataki noodles and squid in inkPiquillo Pepper VinagretteManzanilla Olive TapenadeWhite asparagus with cashew sauceChipirones Over Spanish PistoPiquillo Pepper Tomato Soup - Vegan SoupClams with Garlic - Almejas con AjoSquid in Ink LinguineGazpachoRazor Shell Clams Conservas with Smoked Paprika and Garlic - Donostia FoodsBerberechos con Feta - CocklesPan Rustica with Octopus in Olive Oil & Piquillo Peppers - Donostia FoodsSardine Avocado SandwichesAnchovies & Piquillo Peppers on Garlic Toast - Donostia FoodsTostadas de Calamares en Tinta - Squid in Ink - Chef Andy Suarez - Donostia FoodsSpiced Sardines Po' Boy SandwichSquid in American Sauce with Roasted Potatoes - Donostia FoodsNavajas fritas - Fried Razor Shell ClamsBonito del Norte Tuna with Cantabrian Anchovies & Piment d'Espelette on ToastSardines & Roasted Cherry Tomatoes - Donostia FoodsNavajas al Ajillo - Razor Shell Clams - Chef Andy Suarez - Donostia FoodsOctopus La Rioja Style - Donostia FoodsSquid GnocchiWhite Asparagus Salad with Oranges & Olives - Donostia FoodsMussels in Escabeche SandwichSquid in American Sauce FlatbreadSeared Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Manchego Cheese - Donostia FoodsSardine Rillettes with Piquillo Pepper and Goat Cheese SandwichCantabrian Anchovy with Basque Cheese & Fig Butter PintxoSimple Olives Salad - Donostia FoodsOctopus in Olive Oil with Guindilla Pepper & Basque Cheese PintxoBonito del Norte Tuna & Cantabrian Anchovies Pintxo - Donostia FoodsCoctel de Calamares en Tinta (Squid in Ink)White Asparagus with Sauce Vierge TapaSardines & Strawberries Sandwich - Donostia FoodsBerberechos and Beets SaladBloody Mary with Banderillas - Donostia FoodsOctopus & Piment d'Espelette Sandwich - Donostia FoodsSaffron Aioli - Donostia FoodsAnchovies with Fresh Ricotta & Piment d’Espelette Pintxo - Donostia FoodsMarcona Almonds with Piment d'EspeletteBonito del Norte Tuna & Guindilla Peppers Sandwich - Donostia FoodsWhite Asparagus with Romesco Sauce - Donostia FoodsSpanish-style Octopus Tapa - Donostia FoodsMussels in Eschabeche with Goat CheeseMarinated Grilled Artichokes & Octopus in Olive Oil - Donostia FoodsSardines on Toast - Donostia FoodsOlives & Hazelnuts SaladBonito del Norte Tuna MeltsSardine RillettesPan-seared Piquillo Pepper stuffed with Goat CheeseCantabrian anchovy Bonito del Norte tuna on Boston lettuceMussels Montadito with Piquillo and PateOctopus in olive oil cocaSardines with Sauce Vierge SandwichBacalao over saffron rice - Donostia FoodsWhite Asparagus with Caramelized Onions and Spinach Sauce - Donostia FoodsClams & SpaghettiSmall Squid - Chipirones Rellenos - with Piquillo - Donostia Foods