If you have an affinity for olives, you're in the right place. Olive aficionados across the land have declared these the best, devouring jars at a time without apology. See the multitude of gushing customer reviews in support of this claim, or the mention by the professional eaters at Bon Appétit Magazine to be sure that you are making an excellent choice when ordering these by the dozens.

Manzanillas are the most popular Spanish olives, and these are the highest quality available. Handpicked in Andalusia, pitted, and packed in an artisanal quality brine, the olives are naturally fermented and cured Sevillian style. The name manzanilla, meaning “little apple” in Spanish, comes from the olives shape. While you’ll find a variety of table olives served throughout Spain, this variety is the most ubiquitous, thanks in part to the high volume taken from each tree, and in part to the crisp, nutty flavor.

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