Olive Oil & Vinegar

Perhaps you are overwhelmed by the number of olive oils available at your local grocer but underwhelmed by the quality. You're in the right place. The solution to this dual-sided dilemma is below.

We currently offer only one variety of olive oil, but it's an award-winning example of Spanish olive oil produced in the heart of Andalusia in Priego de Cordoba at the foot of the Subbaetic mountains, an ideal microclimate to grow olives for superior oils. A combination of traditional production methods and an exclusive oil extraction system help maintain all the attributes that make the olive oil so much better than the countless other oils at the market.

What is sherry vinegar? According to Bon Appétit Magazine it's "balsamic's cooler cousin". This is correct. Again quoting Bon Appétit, it has "a crisp, piercing acidity balanced by considerable nuttiness and caramel notes. It brightens and deepens the flavor of foods at the same time." High praise, indeed.

Our gran reserva sherry vinegar D.O. vinagre de Jerez is produced by the traditional solera method in which oak barrels are stacked in rows atop one another, the oldest, most flavorful vinegar contained in the barrels on the bottom row, or "solera". No more than a third of this vinegar is removed for bottling, replaced by the same amount of younger vinegar from the row above. Aged for at least 10 years, the maturation process creates a complex flavor and rich, dark color.

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