Chipirones a la Plancha with Salsa Verde

Chipirones a la Plancha with Salsa Verde - small squid conservas - Donostia Foods


Tinned seafood can come in quite handy when you'd like to make an incarnation of a typical tapa from Spain. Have a jar of salsa verde, as well? Then all it'll take is a few minutes heating up a grill pan and you'll be on your way to establishing an at-home tapas bar that will be revered by family and friends.

Chipirones a la Plancha with Salsa Verde

Total Time: However many minutes it takes to achieve the browning you seek for the squid.



1. Open a tin of small squid and warm the olive oil from said tin in a grill pan. Beware of splatter. 

2. Once heated, add the squid, turning occasionally to achieve that desired browning.

3. Plate and add the salsa verde. Or, add a bit of the salsa verde in the pan before plating. See which works best. Up to you.

4. Enjoy with a well-chilled white wine.


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