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Pintxo Possibilities: Bonito del Norte & Cantabrian Anchovies

October 31, 2016

Pintxo Possibilities: Bonito del Norte & Cantabrian Anchovies

Throughout the holiday season, we'll be experimenting with recipes and serving suggestions we find intriguing. Sometimes, they'll work out wonderfully. Occasionally, they may not. 

This first offering is our attempt at a recipe found in The Basque Book, which is a splendid new offering of a selection of authentic Basque dishes with exquisite photography.

We couldn't find little gem lettuce, so we went with the suggested alternative, Boston. Topped with flakes of Bonito del Norte tuna, a Cantabrian anchovy fillet, a sherry vinaigrette, and piment d'Espelette (our variation from the book). It worked well for a clean, carb-less, high-protein lettuce wrap. Tinkering with the vinaigrette and locating some little gem lettuce could make this a superb, simple offering.

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