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Clams & Spaghetti

Clams and Spaghetti - Donostia Foods

photo by Andy Suarez


If you'd like to enhance your Wednesday night spaghetti, just add clams (in brine,  also known as alemajs al natural, from us, here, at Donostia Foods). Also works on other nights of the week, but Wednesday seems like the odds-on favorite for most pasta eaten, based on absolutely no evidence. Another quick and delicious recipe from chef Andy Suarez awaits below.

Clams and Spaghetti

Total Time: 10-15 minutes. Makes a serving or two.



1. Boil some water and cook pasta to a perfect al dente. You got this.

2. In a pan on another burner, melt the butter and mix in the white wine.

3. In that pan mentioned in step two, add the perfect al dente pasta and clams and heat until you think, yeah, yeah I want to have dinner now. Squeeze the juice of the lemon all about and garnish with parsley and guindilla peppers. Enjoy.




recipe by chef Andy Suarez

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