Sardine Burger with Slaw & Bravas Sauce

Sardine burger with slaw and bravas sauce - Donostia Foods


As part of our Fine Foods from Across the Blue Planet series, where we'll be featuring a selection of some things we think work well with what we offer, or that we just plain enjoy, we'll also be providing recipes and serving suggestions. This is one of them.

This particular serving suggestion came to be after making sardine dumplings, and having quite a bit of the sardine concoction leftover. So, an unusual burger patty was formed, thrown onto a hot skillet, and a whole new culinary universe came to be. Behold, the...

Sardine Burger with Slaw & Bravas Sauce

Total Time: If you have leftover patty mixture from a previous meal, all you have to do is the aforementioned patty forming and hot skillet tossing.


  • Donostia Foods Sardines in Olive Oil
  • fresh ginger, minced
  • soy sauce
  • scallions, chopped up nicely
  • egg
  • cooking wine (Shaoxing used here)
  • fresh ground black pepper
  • bag o' slaw
  • Bravas Sauce
  • cheese, to be melted
  • your favorite bread or bun type thing


1. If you haven't already done it, get a nice big bowl and mix together everything above except for the bravas sauce and bread, obviously. In what quantities? That's up to you and what you desire.

2. Once you have your sardine mix, form your patty. It's fun.

3. Heat your skillet on a medium heat, probably. Throw that patty on there.

4. Toast your bread or bun.

5. Flip your patty and top with cheese to get that nice melting action.

6. Prep your bread or bun with slaw and bravas sauce then add the finished to perfection patty and you have your sardine burger ready for the splendid lunch you've made for yourself.


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