Sardine Dumplings with Zhong Dumpling Sauce

Sardine Dumplings - Donostia Foods


As part of our Fine Foods from Across the Blue Planet series, where we'll be featuring a selection of some things we think work well with what we offer, or that we just plain enjoy, we'll also be providing recipes and serving suggestions. This is the first of such things.

Apologies to anyone skilled at folding dumplings for what you see here. It was an honest effort.

Sardine Dumplings with Zhong Dumpling Sauce

Total Time: I don't know.



1. Get a nice big bowl and mix together everything above save the dumpling skins and sauce itself. In what quantities? That's up to you and what you desire. For the dumplings in the photograph, three tins of sardines were mixed with one egg and about a tablespoon of everything else, with the scallions thrown in at random. It worked.

2. Once you have your sardine mix, lay out your dumpling skins in preparation for folding. As noted, the skills exhibited in this regard are lacking, admittedly. If you need more guidance, turn to that which we all do, YouTube.

3. For the cooking portion, again, the choice is yours. Steam them in a rice cooker, drop into a pot of boiling water, fry them. The rice cooker steam method was used here, for about 30 minutes, which worked well except for some troubles with the dumplings sticking to the steaming tray. A learning experience.


Adapted from the Fly By Jing's "An Ode to Chengdu Zhong Dumplings" recipe.


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