White Asparagus Toasted Pita with Za'atar

White Asparagus Toasted Pita with Za'atar


Looks as good as it tastes. A vegan option for an afternoon snack or party appetizer that will win raves.

White Asparagus Toasted Pita with Za'atar

Total Time: 5 minutes.



1. Toast that pita. Maybe cut it into nice little triangles before toasting, maybe after. Whatever you feel like doing in the moment.

2. While toasting that pita, slice up the extra thick white asparagus in properly proportioned pieces so they fit on those toasted triangles.

3. More slicing. Slice up some pistachios, if you have full pistachios on hand.

4. Mix za'atar, arguably the most fun spice to say, into the cream cheese, to taste.

5. Take that toasted pita out of the toaster and top first with the cream cheese and za'atar mixture, then the white asparagus, then the pieces of pistachios. Drizzle with olive oil and give everything a spritz of fresh lemon juice.


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