Tongue Tingling Tapa: Razor Clams and Chili Crisp

Razor clams in brine with Sichuan chili crisp and sesame seeds - Donostia Foods


Three ingredients atop the toasted bread of your choosing, that's all you need for this tantalizing tapa.

Razor Clams and Chili Crisp Tapa

Total Time: toasting, warming... that's it.



1. Warm the razor clams lightly in a pan if you'd like. Is it required? No. But, why not, right? A little warmth with the heat makes it all the better.

2. A razor clam per small slice of toast will do.

3. Drizzle the chili crisp as you desire. It's got a good amount of heat, so gauge the tolerance of those you serve.

4. Sesame seeds to finish.

There you have it. A tongue-tingling tapa in no time at all.


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