The Gilda Pintxo, But Different: A Variation of the Classic

Cantabrian anchovies with guindilla peppers, manzanilla olives, and lemon garlic sauce - Donostia Foods


Dare we attempt a variation of arguably the most famous pintxo? Yes. It's not that much of a risk. Worst case, we have all the ingredients to scrap it and simply make the classic. No harm done.

The Gilda pintxo is well known, and the ingredients are featured here: Cantabrian anchovies, guindilla peppers, manzanilla olives. Where we've gone mad with experimentation? Instead of skewering the three with a toothpick we piled them atop olive oil drenched toast slathered with a lemon-garlic sauce and topped it all with a pinch of sweet smoked paprika. Worth it.


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