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Premium Canned Spanish Seafood

Fish preserves are an age-old tradition in Spain, thanks in part to the country's affinity for seafood, as Spaniards consume more than 50 lbs. worth per person annually. So, they know what they're talking about when it comes to seafood. In restaurants, tapas bars, and homes throughout Spain you'll find canned seafood served as a delicacy, even straight from the tin or jar.

As Chef Rick Bayless says on The Feed Podcast (2015 James Beard award-winner for Best Podcast) after sampling Donostia Foods Bontio del Norte tuna, sardines, and octopus, "People really need to get into this, canned seafood from Spain". 

Slowly, they are. Coming in at number 15 in the Saveur 100 for 2015, top-quality Spanish conservas (preserved foods) are catching on in the United States, as our premium canned seafood is featured in restaurants from San Francisco to New York, served straight from the tin just like in Spain.

Spanish canned seafood is unique because of the variety and high quality of products found in jars and tins, and the attention paid to traditional, hand-crafted methods of production. This is why Spanish anchovies and Bonito del Norte tuna from the Cantabrian Sea, and mussles, octopus, and sardines from the waters of Galicia, are such a culinary delight. Anything you might find in the supermarket is the same in name only.

We offer the best available price/quality ratio available because we import each product ourselves. For more information on each, including customer reviews, please click on an item below.

Wholesale Inquiries: If you're interested in carrying our canned Spanish seafood or other products in your retail store or restaurant, please contact us for pricing and other details.

free shipping for orders over $65