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So small, so tender, so delicious, especially in that pasta recipe you'll find below. Donostia Foods Small Scallops in Sauce (Zamburiñas en salsa de Vieira), from the Atlantic waters off the coast in Galicia in northwest Spain. What is this mysterious sauce? A magical blend of tomato, red pepper, hot paprika, and cloves that will leave you oohing and aahing. Confident in its own masterful flavor combination, it needs no other descriptors.

"When the kids are out and I want a real treat, I open up a can of these scallops. I eat them on fresh crispy crust bread, but even when all I have is crackers, they're still great. After all the scallops are gone, I soak up the sauce and eat every last drop. You don't need to add anything to them. They are perfect as is...delicious seafood flavor." - Jordo, who knows to make the most out of everything that comes in the tin

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Tinned scallops with linguine will be your go-to, easy Tuesday night meal that will leave you feeling full and satisfied and pleased you had to spend so little time to achieve such a pleasurable state of being.

Or, serve warmed over rice or pasta for an easy dinner or get a little weird and enjoy with toaster hash browns and guindilla peppers (still easy, though).

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Ingredients: scallops, tomato, olive oil, onions, red pepper, hot paprika, black pepper, ground cloves, and salt. Net Weight: 4 ounces/111 grams. 25 tins per factory case. Nutritional information.

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