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Unlock the true potential of your tuna sandwich. You can't even begin to ponder the possible gastronomic pleasures of the lunchtime standard until you've made one with these premium loins of Bonito tuna. Line-caught in the waters of the Bay of Biscay, the fresh catch is then hand-prepared and packed in pure olive oil in Basque Country.


Renowned for its delicate texture and flavor, for a simple pintxo flake apart pieces with a fork and serve on crispy slices of toast with piquillo peppers, topped with a little of the olive oil from the jar (add chopped garlic, salt, and pepper to taste). Pairs well with a white wine, such as those from Rioja.

"This stuff is super special... When you hear about olive oil or butter poached fish, basically that's what we have in the jar here." - Rick Bayless, James Beard-award winning chef, so yeah, you should order some

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Donostia Foods Bonito del Norte Tuna was featured on The Feed Podcast (James Beard award-winner for best podcast) from Chef Rick Bayless and 13-time James Beard award winner food journalist Steve Dolinsky. As Steve says, "I could eat that plain. I don't need to have that with anything else, actually."

A tin in your pocket for tuna at any time, if that's your thing

Care for a fish-featured tote bag? The Bonito del Norte Tote Bag is for you. A stylish and practical means of bringing a few jars of the beautiful fish and accompanying foods to your next picnic or the like. 

Bonito del Norte tuna are albacore caught during the summer months when the fish travel to the northern Spanish waters in pursuit of Cantabrian anchovies. The name translates to “Beauty of the North”, as only the finest examples are auctioned off to the conservas for canning. The tuna is quickly preserved in olive oil, which adds to the flavor and results in the smooth texture not found in typical tuna fish sold in American supermarkets.

Our Bonito del Norte costs less than half of what you'll play for a similar product elsewhere, as we import it ourselves to reduce cost. Which is nice, as you'll get what has been described by a customer below as, simply, "the best tuna ever" for the best possible price.

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Ingredients: white tuna (Thunnus alalunga), olive oil, salt. Jars - Net Weight: 7.9 ounces/225 grams. 12 jars per master case. Tins - Net Weight: 3.9 ounces/111 grams. 12 tins per master case. Nutritional information.

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