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Animosity toward anchovies is endemic, thanks to the prevalence of poor quality examples cursing supermarket shelves. THESE ANCHOVIES ARE THE ANTIDOTE.

Featured in Bon Appétit Magazine's Highly Recommend
"These luxury anchovies are so good, I eat them straight from the jar."

Premium Cantabrian anchovies from the waters of northern Spain, wild-caught via sustainable fishing techniques and delivered fresh to the factory, presalted, cured in a "salmuera" brine of water, fat, and sea salt, and ultimately hand filleted and packed in olive oil. Prized for their quality, meaty fillets ranging from reddish brown to light caramel with flavor that is the ideal balance of oil, sea salt, and fish; nothing like the typical anchovies found in supermarkets.

"The Anchovies for Anchovy Connoisseurs. Consummate products for your gastronomic delight - Donostia Foods is the perfect place to shop for the very best in taste and quality. Courteous, knowledgeable customer service a bonus. You will not be disappointed." - Alice T., who is renowned for her exquisite taste

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For a quick pintxo, skewer an anchovy, an olive, and a guindilla pepper on a toothpick to make the classic 'Gilda' found in bars throughout San Sebastián. Pairs well with a good red wine from Rioja.

Need something to transport all those jars of Cantabrian anchovies? The European Anchovy Tote Bag can do just that.

"The best anchovies in the US. I've tried every brand. I can say, without a doubt, that these are the best anchovies available in the United States. I hide them from everyone else in my family and keep them for myself. I'm obsessed." - Jordo, knowledgeable in anchovies and where to hide them

You'll spend 52% less than what you would elsewhere, even though these anchovies have the power to change minds; as one customer states, "Great product that I will buy again... even my wife, who is not a big fan of anchovies, enjoyed these very much. Flavorful and not too salty, they are great on good crusty bread with a sliver of butter!"

The best European anchovies (Engraulis encrasicolus) are found in the Cantabrian Sea, in the cool waters of the Bay of Biscay, and are one of the foremost delicacies in the Spanish tradition of preserving seafood and shellfish in jars and tins. With a short catch season that typically extends only from early March until the end of June, the unique qualities of the species, and the extensive work done by hand throughout the preservation process, the fillets command a premium price. However, we’re able to import them directly ourselves, which allows us to offer some of the best anchovies available at a price that doesn't seem preposterous.

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Ingredients: anchovies, olive oil, sea salt. Net Weight: 3.17 ounces (90 grams). Approximately 18 anchovies per jar. Certified kosher. 24 jars per factory case. Nutritional information.

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