El Matrimonio: A (Delicious) Love Story

El Matrimonio - montadito pintxo of boqueron and anchoa - white anchovy and dark - Donostia Foods


Our adaptation of a classic montadito, the blissful pairing of white anchovy (boqueron) and dark (anchoa). Our tale begins, as many do, with bread. In this instance, toasted. Then we see freshly grated tomato pulp with garlic and black pepper come into the picture, the always welcome pan tumaca-type topping. Roasted green peppers now join the assemblage, after a brief cooldown period.

Then... the glory.

A plump, juicy, tangy, delicious boqueron marinated in wine vinegar and olive oil is laid across the top, quickly joined by its perfect complement, the salt-cured anchoa. Finally, fresh parsley completes the ceremony. The best of both styles of Cantabrian anchovy, together forever* in one pintxo.

El Matrimonio Pintxo

Total Time: 10-15 minutes.



1. Warm a little olive oil in a pan over medium heat. Throw in slices of the green bell pepper. Keep an eye on this until you've reached your desired level of roasted pepper.

2. While your doing the above, or after if you'd prefer to focus on each step singularly, cut a fresh tomato in two and grate the pulp into a bowl. Add some minced garlic and black pepper.

3. Toast your tiny toasts. 

4. Once the green peppers are out of the pan and cooled for a few minutes, layer on top the tomato mix, green pepper, white anchovy, dark anchovy, and fresh parsley.

5. You just made something delicious. Well done, you.

*Until you eat them.


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