Boquerones & Bonito Tuna Salad Montadito

White Anchovies (Boquerones) and Bonito Tuna Salad Montadito Appetizer - Donostia Foods


Will you find this exact montadito piled high on the bar of the finest pintxo bar in San Sebastián? Yes. That's where it was discovered and an attempted recreation is below. Perhaps not identical, but continued experimentation and sampling of the results is something we can all enjoy.

Boquerones & Bonito Tuna Salad Montadito

Total Time: You tell me.



1. Mix all the ingredients except for the boquerones in proportions of your choosing in a bowl. As the Bonito is so good, our humble recommendation is to go light on everything. You're going for a subtle crunch with the celery. Just a hint of garlic. The suggestion of lemon. Something like this.

2. Chill the mix for several hours. Or don't.

3. Scoop and situate atop your slices of crusty bread, then crown with a boqueron fillet.

4. Eat them all yourself or share with friends and family. The choice is yours.


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