The 'Gilda' Pintxo

Gilda Pintxo - Donostia Foods


For a simple, classic example of a pintxo from Donostia-San Sebastián, just skewer a guindilla pepper, a Cantabrian anchovy fillet, and a manzanilla olive on a toothpick. Allegedly invented at Bar Casa Vallés in San Sebastián and named for Rita Hayworth's character Gilda in the eponymous film that opened the same year. A classic with a hint of spiciness that stands the test of time.


The "Gilda" Pintxo

Total Time: Basically no time.



1. Just skewer the three ingredients on a toothpick and you have your pintxo. Later, after your guests have proclaimed how delicious it is and lavished you with praise, casually mention the Rita Hayworth trivia then take a knowing sip of wine. Bask in the awe.


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