Pan con Tomate with a Twist

Pan con tomate with a twist - Cantabrian anchovies - tomato preserve - Donostia Foods


You'll never go wrong with a classic take on pan con tomate. It's a staple for a reason. Deliciousness. But, adaptation is key to life, and trying new and different variations of anything can stimulate the senses and bring fresh perspective. And also be delicious.

A tribute to the original, in a different key, this pan con tomate eschews tomato pulp and garlic for a seasonal, spreadable preserve of tomato, chili pepper, lemon, sugar, and salt. The subtle heat of the chili and touch of sweetness from the organic cane sugar are a superb complement to a Cantabrian anchovy fillet or three, if you so choose.

Pan con Tomate with a Twist

Total Time: Absolutely none, cosmically speaking.



1. Heat a generous pour of olive oil in a pan, then add slices of a fresh loaf of hearty, crusty bread. Keep heating until you have a nice, crispy golden brown side, then flip and repeat.

2. Spread the spreadable tomato chili.

3. Top with anchovies, if you wish.


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