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Our tender, delicate mackerel fillets in olive oil (filetes de caballa), hand-prepared and hand-packed and glorious. They're luscious and large and need very little accompaniment to become a tapa of great renown. Just look at that photo of only an open tin, a moment prior to being eaten by the window in the afternoon sun. It was delicious.

Or perhaps you are seeking the hands-on pleasure of time spent in the kitchen, of concocting something familiar but different, of making a meal that will be mentioned with gratitude for weeks afterward. Look no further than the sweet paprika-spiced patties and saffron-Dijon special sauce of the Better Big Mac(kerel) mackerel burger. Yes, they will swoon.

"Beautiful mackerel! This mackerel is delicious just as it comes from the can. It is also very good with peri peri sauce." Patricia H., known for her exemplary taste in tinned fish

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If you'd like to experience an old favorite in an entirely new way, see the serving suggestion below of Mack, Mac 'n' Cheese. Yes, you read that correctly. We found a way to add a whole second mack. 

For many moons we have promised additional serving suggestions to what you find below. Eventually, this will actually happen. 

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Ingredients: mackerel, olive oil, salt. Net Weight: 4.2 ounces/120 grams. 25 tins per factory case. Nutritional information.

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