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In a world where a plethora of olive oil options exist, it's difficult to decipher what differentiates one from another. You may become paralyzed by the number of choices and simply grab for the closest bottle at hand. Don't do this. Listen to one of our customers who says, "Simply put... it's the BEST". It's the spicy snap at the end that will seal the deal. 

Our 100% extra virgin olive oil is derived exclusively from the first cold pressing of ripe picuda olives without any water or heat, to preserve all nutrients, flavor, and aroma.

"I couldn't be more pleased with the quality and flavor of your exceptional olive oil... When family and guests come into my kitchen I pour out a few drops, AS IS, so they can taste and admire the lovely green olive tint and subtle taste. A must try and new found favorite for all!" - Karen S., well-versed in all things olive oil

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Produced in the heart of Andalusia in Priego de Cordoba at the foot of the Subbaetic mountains, an ideal microclimate to grow olives for this award-winning Spanish olive oil. A combination of traditional production methods and an exclusive oil extraction system help maintain all the attributes that make the olive oil exemplary.

The oil has a medium intensity, fruity taste, with hints of almonds and herbs that starts smooth and finishes with a small snap of spiciness. Try it on mild and white fish, salads, carpaccio, grilled vegetables, pasta, in sauces and emulsions, or with any dish of the Mediterranean diet. 

Spain is the world's largest producer of olive oil, even if it still might not be the first country to come to mind when we think of olive oil in the United States. In fact, a full one-third of Spain's exported olive oil goes to Italy in bulk, where it is bottled and sold under Italian labels, often at a significant mark up.

Need another endorsement? We have one. From a long-time customer, "I STILL favor your oil. Tried many these past few years (mostly gifts from friends) and most can be too spicy, bitter or overpowering. Yours: elegant while enhancing the dish — any dish! It’s perfect."

You'll save more than 45% compared with similar quality oil available elsewhere, which will surely make this already astoundingly good-tasting olive oil that much better. 

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Ingredients: 100% extra virgin olive oil derived from picuda olives. Net Weight: 16.9 ounces/500 milliliters. 12 bottles per factory case. Nutritional information.

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