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The first in our new, some say spectacular monthly offering that will bundle our tried and true conservas with a fresh, flavorful find from independent producers and companies we really like. Fairly straightforward, really. Also exciting. So much newness to come!

This month's bundle is about making a tongue-tingling tapa in the time it takes you to slice up and toast a fresh loaf of bread, essentially.

Buy the bundle, get the Garlic Chilli Crisp for 50% off

the bundle includes: 3 tins of razor clams, 1 jar of garlic chilli crisp

With just a click you'll be adding one jar of Co-op Sauce Garlic Chilli Crisp and three tins of Donostia Foods Razor Clams to your cart. Two of the three essentials for making a montadito tapa that's crispy, crunchy, and garlicky. The loaf is up to you or your local baker.

To make the tapa, warming the razor clams lightly in a pan is recommended, though not required. While doing so, toast those slices of a fresh loaf mentioned above. Once golden, slather them with Garlic Chilli Crisp, then place a razor clam atop each slice. Perhaps slightly more slathering should be done, if you so desire. Then there you have it. The tongue-tingliest tapa around.

Chicago's Co-op Sauce Garlic Chilli Crisp is crispy (of course), while also being crunchy and garlicky, sans nuts. What does it have? Pepitas. That's right, pepitas. Pleasurably tongue-numbing, it brings just the right level of intensity to whatever food it adorns.

The sauces of Co-op Sauce are all concocted by Mr. Mike Bancroft to enhance food and flavor rather than overwhelm, while working with Midwestern farmers to raise money for youth arts and entrepreneurship programs in Chicago.