Mentions in the Media

Donostia Foods Cantabrian Anchovies were featured in Bon Appétit's Highly Recommend column, a "buttery and tender" taste of northern Spain. Our Bonito del Norte TunaOctopus in Olive Oil, and Sardines in Olive Oil were enjoyed on-air on the James Beard Award-Winner for Best Podcast, The Feed Podcast with chef Rick Bayless & food journalist Steve Dolinsky. "This stuff is super special..." said the chef. Our anchovies appeared again, this time in Food & Wine, as Cantabrian anchovies were crowned the "king of tiny fish". And Donostia Foods Manzanilla Olives also appeared in Bon Appétit Magazine, mentioned as second only to olives found in a secretive shop hidden along a tiny, secluded street in Paris. Not too shabby.