Sardines in Escabeche

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We have far too many of these succulent sardines in that sensational sauce for our new facility, and you are the beneficiary of our need to have a bit more space.

Sardines in Escabeche, a luscious marinade of sunflower oil, wine vinegar, paprika, nutmeg, garlic, cinnamon, and salt. Another means of acquiring your daily allotment of vitamin D during the dark days of winter, in the most delicious form available.

How good are these? Heed the words of Jason H.:

These 'dines slap. Perhaps I'm unsophisticated, but I just eat these guys straight out of the tin. They are so full of savory escabeche flavor that they don't need anything else that would necessitate their pre-removal. They don't even need a squeeze of lemon! Highly recommended -- and while you're at it, try the mussels in escabeche, as well. So good!

This pairing of two classics will surely satisfy. Try it in a sandwich like that pictured, sardines drenched in escabeche with baby spinach, heirloom cherry tomatoes, crispy onions, and slices of chevre on a poppy seed bun. Or in those crispy sardine cakes with a dollop of escabeche aioli. You'll be back for more.

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Ingredients: sardines, sunflower oil, wine vinegar, paprika, nutmeg, garlic, cinnamon, and salt. Net Weight: 4.2 ounces/120 grams. 25 tins per factory case. Nutritional information.

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