Sardines in Spiced Sauce (Sardinas Picantonas)

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Sardines for when you're feeling especially spirited. The spiced sauce brings a subtle, simmering heat to enliven your sardine eating experience. What's in this sauce? A superb blend of tomato, olive oil, carrot, cucumber, red pepper, onion, and secret spice.

Our favorite crew of thoughtful taste-testers had these remarks:

LG: Nice nice nice. warm and consistent heat. So lovely.
HM: Great. Nothing profound to say. Love them.
AN: Average.
MG: Nutty flavor. Tasty.
BW: Nice- I don't taste the "spice" right away, which is ok.
PJ: n/a
JW: Nice latent spice! Very balanced.
BW: Great spice. Mild heat. Slightly toothy. Thumbs up.
NA: Good stuff. Subtle. Gorgeous to behold.

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Ingredients: sardines, tomato, olive oil (6.2%), carrot (3%), cucumber (3%), red pepper (2%), onion, spices, salt. Net Weight: 4.2 ounces/120 grams. 25 tins per factory case. Nutritional information.

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Spiced Sardines Po' Boy

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Sardines in Spiced Sauce (Sardinas Picantonas) has a rating of 4.3 stars based on 3 reviews.