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What's inside? It's a mystery.

Five tins of seafood in each box. Might you pull a tin of silky smooth ventresca tuna? You might! A tin of angulas? Yes! No matter what, you'll get five tins of deliciousness.

*Please note*: we are not guaranteeing you will get ventresca or angulas in every box. It's a mystery. We selected blindly from a batch of our tins for each mystery box, only replacing one (again blindly) if it was a duplicate, so that each box would have five different tins.

We thought we included more expensive tins at reasonable odds for pulling them, with the notion that a mystery box doesn't necessarily always include one of the most expensive tins, because that's part of the fun.

In this batch, the odds of pulling angulas are one in ten, the odds of pulling ventresca two in five.

We only have a limited supply of mystery boxes at the ready, as this is a bit of a test. If you like them, we'll do more. If not, this will disappear forever and never be spoken of again.

Each box will include 5 different tins from our selection of tinned seafood. The mystery box itself is white, and hand stamped. For fun.

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