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I beseech you, snag this superbly delicious sardine bundle before it melts away into the ether.


The bundle includes 5 tins each of our sardines in olive oil, sardines in spiced sauce, and sardines in escabeche.

“I have to thank Dalí for introducing me to your brand 😆. What a pleasant surprise when I tried your sardines for the first time at the Dalí Museum in Clearwater for lunch. I had to ask the server where they came from? And it was you! Since that time I’ve ordered twice from you not only the sardines, but some of your other products. All top notch.” - Louis M., making my day

While you may not be transported to a landscape of surrealism by these sardines, you will be delighted by the expression of such succulent deliciousness, for less.

Portrait: Salvador Dalí with Babou, his pet ocelot, 1965. Roger Higgins, World Telegram staff photographer. From the Library of Congress.