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The charring will keep you coming back for more. These are authentic fire-roasted piquillo peppers, with all the necessary designations and accompanying stickers to assure you of this authenticity. While you'll certainly appreciate such affirmation, you'll savor the spicy-sweet peppers themselves, atop salads, in sandwiches, and particularly in this romesco sauce.

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The D.O. Lodosa designation of origin certifies these piquillo peppers are solely the preserved, entire fruit grown and prepared within an eight municipality area in Spain. It assures the highest-quality piquillo, with a spicy-sweet flavor suitable for numerous tapas, including being stuffed with Bonito del Norte tuna.

"Excellent Piquillo Peppers! A real improvement for us over the ones we have been ordering and enjoying for the past 15-20 years. These are really much better; we didn't know what we were missing!" - L.L., a long-time customer who speaks only truth

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Piquillo peppers have a triangular shape and rich, red color. Harvested by hand between the middle of September and November each year, the peppers are cleaned and fire-roasted, then one-by-one meticulously hollowed, skinned, and deseeded. Along with a complex flavor, the peppers are an excellent source of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and calcium.

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Ingredients: piquillo peppers d.o. lodosa, salt, citric acid. Net Weight: 7.77 ounces/220 grams. Approximately 14 pieces per jar. 12 jars per factory case. Nutritional information.

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