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Bomba rice absorbs three times its volume in broth, far greater than your average rice (which is a measly two). Why is this good for you? Because with so much absorption of broth comes the most absorption of flavor you can find in a rice. And who doesn't want the most flavor?

Authentic Bomba rice with the D.O. Valencia seal, so you know its official, is available in limited quantities because of the slow maturation process and extensive care in cultivation which creates such an exceptional heirloom short grain.

"Yes, this product is the Bomb! Great in mix with lamb cabbage roll. Loved it using as a paella rice too, it does expand in size so use less than recipe calls for best results. Great creamy nutty flavor." - The #1 Bomba Reviewer, Regina C.

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Using Bomba rice for paella is a must, of course, but do not hesitate to use it for risotto, rice cakes, rice salad, mushrooms with rice, saffron rice, chicken and rice, or a bowl of rice topped with anything and everything you desire. However you use Bomba rice, you'll savor every bite.

"Amazing olives, products, and service! I have been ordering products from Donostia for over 15 years and have never been disappointed. The olives are simply amazing. My favorite are the habanero stuffed olives, but to be fair I have them all. Not only are they great by themselves, but they were also great in drinks and food. I recently made a paella, used Donostia Bomba rice, and added the habanero stuffed olives in at the end and the dish was superb." - Steve W., who knows a good combination when he sees one

Are we going to have more recipes and serving suggestions featuring Bomba rice? You bet. Pictured is a tinned mackerel encocado, a fish in coconut sauce dish that is delicious. No need to say much more, really. Give it a try and you'll nod your head in happy agreement.

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Ingredients: bomba rice. Net Weight: 1.1 pounds (500 grams). Nutritional information.

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