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Baby broad beans in olive oil, habitas, beans of the tenderest tenderness, ready-to-eat and tremendous. Each spring these tiny and tender heirloom beans are harvested and peeled by hand at the precise moment of perfection, then lightly fried and preserved in olive oil for your culinary pleasure whenever you please.

Brand new and mostly unknown, but worthy of your consideration

You may enjoy them in the simplest fashion: straight from the jar atop a salad. Or perhaps you'd like to warm them in their olive oil for, somehow, even more tenderness. You might also be moved to blitz them in a blender, with a bit of lemon and garlic, for a creamy spread that can be topped with olives, piquillos, cod fish in Biscayne sauce, or whatever your heart tells you is right.

"I like them!" - me, because we only have two reviews thus far, due to the newness. You can see them below. A review of the future, once there are so many reviews you'll be astounded, will be featured here in the future for both its informative and entertainment value

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We'll soon have a slew of additional serving suggestions, photographed above and listed below, that you will make with joy and devour with vigor. What might these be? Habitas con jamón (with a fried egg for good measure), baby broad beans with squid black rice, rigatoni with habitas and sausage, and a habitas y chorizo frittata. Something for everyone.

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Ingredients: baby broad beans, olive oil (30%), salt, citric acid. Net Weight: 8.10 ounces/230 grams. Approximately 160 beans per jar. 12 jars per factory case. Nutritional information.

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...links will leap to life as we post the recipes. | Chef Pedro's Habitas y Piquillos (Vegan Version) | Habitas Hummus Spread with Manzanilla Olives | Baby Broad Beans with Ham (Habitas con Jamón) | Squid Black Rice with Baby Broad Beans | Rigatoni with Habitas & Sausage | Habitas y Chorizo Frittata