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Which Tuna Makes the Best Tuna Salad? The Tuna That Wasn't Taste-Tested

April 23, 2018

Tuna Salad - Donostia Foods Bonito del Norte Tuna

The Chicago Tribune endeavored to discover the finest tuna in all the land for making tuna salad. "Tuna salad is the stuff of countless lunches, whether sandwiched between slices of bread, scooped onto a bed of lettuce or stuffed into plump tomatoes," writes Bill Daley, "But which brand of canned tuna makes the best tuna salad?"

None of the 13 brands tested. None of them makes the best. Be good to yourself, eat Donostia Foods Bonito del Norte tuna. Declared by family members and non-family members alike as the "best tuna ever!"

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