Spain is Home to the Healthiest Humans in the World

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Spanish Olive Oil

According to the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, Spain is the world's healthiest country. First a World Cup win in 2010, now this. Champions.

The index takes into account several variables, from common behaviors to environmental factors, to come up with the rankings of 169 economies. A public health system focused on preventative care for all has proved to be incredibly beneficial, as instances of cardiovascular disease and cancer have declined in Spain over the past decade, and life expectancy is projected to reach 86 years by 2040.

In concert with this strong public health care are, as you've probably guessed based on this being mentioned on a food site, good eating habits. Specifically, the Mediterranean diet and an abundance of heart-healthy olive oil. Use olive oil in place of butter and most other oils; eat fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts; and yes, drink red wine in moderation, and enjoy it all in the company of friends and family to emulate all of this good health wherever you are in the world.