Quick Conservas Lunch: Bonito del Norte with Jaipur Vegetables

Bonito del Norte Tuna with Jaipur Vegetables - Donostia Foods


A national grocery store of some renown offers a fine selection of Indian fare, packaged and ready to eat after but a few minutes of heating. The particular offering used above, of garden vegetables and paneer cheese with spices and cashews is made all the more mouthwatering with the addition of Bonito del Norte tuna loins as a protein. A conservas lunch as quick as it is delicious. 

Bonito del Norte with Jaipur Vegetables

Total Time: A few minutes.


  • Donostia Foods Bonito del Norte Tuna 
  • Jaipur Vegetables from a very popular grocer. All sorts of delectable ingredients are included: potato, green peas, onion, carrot, paneer cheese, cashew, watermelon seeds, raisins, ginger, garlic, cumin, and turmeric, to name most.


1. Warm the Jaipur Vegetables in the style of your choosing.

2. Top with Bonito del Norte tuna. Perhaps give it a moment to cool slightly, and let the spices mix with the fish. Contemplate the ease with which you've created such a flavorsome meal. Enjoy. 


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