Octopus French Fries

Octopus in Olive Oil French Fries with Mojo Picon Sauce - Donostia Foods


Octopus in olive oil and mojo picón and French fries. A kind of Pulpo poutine without the cheese curds (unless that's something you want to experiment with, then by all means please include them with our full support). 

Octopus French Fries

Total Time: If you do as we did and simply walk down the street to purchase perfect French fries, then accentuate their perfection with the below, 5-10 minutes. If you make your own fries, according to one of the recipes below? Longer.

Servings: One stacked sandwich, or two more reasonably-sized ones. 



1. Simply pop a tin of octopus in olive oil and sizzle briefly in pan. Keep it low to avoid splatter if you have the time for such prudence, or call upon the aptly named splatter screen to do its duty if you are hungry and have little time to waste. 

2. French fries. As confessed above, the ideally formed fries you see where purchased from a fine local takeaway establishment for expediency. If you care to make your own, three excellent options: this recipe, if you want to commit an afternoon to soaking potatoes; this baked fries recipe, if you'd like that oven-cooked vibe; and this air fryer recipe, if you have an air fryer.   

3. Place a heaping portion of your sizzled pulpo atop the French fries you’ve made (or purchased down the street). Add Mojo Picón, as desired. With each bite nod your head in recognition of life’s simple and delicious joys.



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