New Tinned Spanish Seafood Now Available

Tinned Spanish Seafood Conservas - Razor Clams - Donostia Foods

After a prolonged delay that served to generate even more anxious anticipation for the additional succulent seafood promised several months ago, the moment has arrived: new tinned Spanish seafood conservas are on our shelves and ready to be shipped.

What are these new additions? Thanks for asking:

Razor shell clams in brine

- Razor Shell Clams in Brine (Navajas al Natural). Meaty razor clams hand-packed in the traditional method, try warming them with garlic and smoked paprika for an excellent appetizer.


Cockles in brine

Cockles in Brine (Berberechos al Natural). Try our cockles conservas ceviche for a simple serving suggestion sure to delight all friends and lovers.


Squid in American Sauce

Squid in American Sauce (Calamares en Salsa Americana). Tender squid pieces are one of the most popular seafood products in Spain; served in "American Sauce", this unique tapa is ready to serve straight from the tin.


Squid in Ink

- Squid in Ink (Calamares en Tinta). Even more tender squid pieces, this time in an inky sauce with tomato and spices, ready to be warmed and served atop pasta or a piece of crusty bread.

In the coming weeks, keep an eye out for new serving suggestions for these from Chef Andy Suarez, or check out all of our new offerings (some non-food items included) in our aptly named new product collection.