Escalivada Sandwich with Vegan Pesto: A Light & Easy Lunch

Escalivada sandwich with vegan pesto on toasted sourdough - Donostia Foods


Light and easy, yes. Deliciously fire-roasted and smoky? Also yes. If you're short on time you don't have to skimp on flavor with this vegan sandwich. All that fire-roasting, you see, goes a long way.  

Escalivada Sandwich with Vegan Pesto

Total Time: Dependent on your toasters ability to achieve your ideal crispiness and color.

Servings: One stacked sandwich, or two more reasonably-sized ones. 



1. Slice and toast those slices from your fresh loaf of sourdough.  

2. Open a tray of escalivada and drain the juices. You can leave the juices, but if the sandwiches structural integrity is important to you, drain the juices.

3. Apply your desired amount of vegan pesto or salsa verde to your freshly toasted slices, and build upward.

4. Eat, joyously.


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