Escalivada & Cantabrian Anchovies: A Tried and True Traditional Tapa

Cantabrian anchovies with escalivada on toast - Donostia Foods


Escalivada: fire-roasted eggplant, pimientos, and onion. Slow-cooked and smoky, and here accompanied by a Cantabrian anchovy fillet. Ready to eat, vegan (when not joined by an anchovy), delightfully flavorful.

This simple, traditional appetizer comes together in minutes. 

Escalivada with Cantabrian Anchovies

Total Time: Depends on your toaster and desired level of toasting.

Servings: Based on available number of slices of bread. With one tray of escalivada and at least a half of a loaf, we'll say 4 to 6. 



1. Slice a fresh loaf of bread in slices of not insignificant thickness, so suitable for absorbing olive oil and flavors of the escalivada, and toast those slices.

2. Dress toast with extra virgin olive oil, if you'd like. Not entirely necessary, but rarely is it wrong to add a touch of olive oil.

3. Layer with escalivada, making sure to mix on each slice a little of the eggplant, peppers, and onions. The ideal spread provides a a taste of each with every bite.

4. Top with a Cantabrian anchovy fillet or two and serve. 


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