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Sherry Vinegar: A Pro Chef Secret

September 09, 2016

Sherry Vinegar: A Pro Chef Secret

sherry vinegar de jerez

The traditional solera process for producing sherry vinegar, oak barrels stacked atop each other, the oldest vintage at the bottom 

Anneliese Klainbaum from the Specialty Food Association recently spoke with several top chefs about the challenges of sourcing top ingredients. Several chefs mentioned the difficulty finding sherry vinegar, including chef Justin Large, directory of culinary operations for One Off Hospitality Group, the company behind the renowned Publican in Chicago:

More than one chef mentioned sherry vinegar—that foodie favorite that hails from Cádiz, Spain—and others, like those made from Moscatel grapes as a pro chef secret ingredient that can be hard to find, even in Chicago. “It’s one of those ingredients that takes no skill but takes your food up three notches,” said Large.

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