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In the doldrums of winter, fresh tomato season many months away, there’s no need to settle for those tasteless supermarket tomatoes sitting sadly in a pile in the produce section. Eat this fire-roasted and fantastic tomato and pimiento salad instead.

Maybe you're reading this in summer. Then, sure, a juicy fresh tomato from the garden is the way to go. But, maybe wildlife has absconded with your harvest or, you simply don't have a garden. This can be waiting patiently in your pantry, for whenever your tomato-craving strikes. Problem solved.

"Good stuff." - John L., stating succinctly an accurate description of the touched-by-flame goodness within these cans 

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The freshest of tomatoes grown in the summer’s sun go into these jars along with green peppers that aren't too shabby themselves. Fire-roasted, of course, because we always seek that additional flavor born of flame, and packed in their own juices.

On even the dreariest winter’s day, the fresh bursts of flavor sealed away in these tins will brighten your day. 

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Ingredients: tomato (80.32%), green pepper (19%), sugar, salt, and citric acid. Net Weight: 17.64 ounces/425 grams.12 tins per factory case. Vegan. Nutritional information.

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