What Do You Do With That Umami-Packed Cantabrian Anchovy Olive Oil?

Cantabrian anchovy olive oil left in the empty jar - Donostia Foods


You’ve reached the final (magnificent) Cantabrian anchovy in a jar. After you savor the fillet, what do you do with the umami-packed olive oil that remains?

Please let us know how you use the anchovy oil and we’ll spread word of your ingenuity, and show other anchovy aficionados the way. Together, we shall not let any of the flavorsome golden oil go to waste.

How to Use Leftover Olive Oil from Your Jars of Anchovies, from Fellow Cantabrian Anchovy Fans:

  • "I use it to make the perfect tasting aioli to use on the roll for shrimp Po'Boys. It is absolutely delicious." - Ronald H.
  • "Pasta! Either cherry tomatoes, broccoli, or cauliflower stewed in anchovy oil make fabulous pasta sauce! You can also make a small batch of anchovy garlic mayo😍" - @great_lakes_huigan
  • "Anchovy oil naturally belongs in the most delicious Caesar salad dressing!" - Kay S.
  • "I use it as the oil for cooking a pot of dry beans!" - @jeneanf
  • "Now that I'm thinking about it 🤣 you can fry some bread crumbs in it as well 😋" - @great_lakes_huigan
  • "I use the leftover anchovy oil to make salad dressing. 😋" - Liz B.
  • "...when pan-frying almost anything I'll sometimes add a dab of anchovy oil to go with the butter, like scrambled or sunny-side up eggs. A delight..." - @madtexican
  • "Whatever you do: Don’t throw it out!!!!!!" -@chefallisonanastasio


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