Traditional Angulas with Garlic Tapa

Traditional Angulas with garlic in olive oil in a serving dish - Donostia Foods


Authentic angulas, in the traditional way. For special occasions, or when you want to make any occasion special. No surimi in sight.    

Traditional Baby Eels (Angulas) with Garlic Tapa

Total Time: 10-15 minutes.

Servings: One tin, one serving. Use more of everything if you have a nice gathering of friends and loved ones.



1. Open a tin of angulas and empty just the oil into a pan, and set aside the delicate and tiny elver eels.

2. While the olive oil is slowly warming, slice garlic as thin as you are able, then add them to the oil.

3. Once you the garlic slices have ever so slightly begun to brown, add the baby eels to the oil and heat briefly.

4. Serve in a small, earthenware dish with a tiny fork, to maintain the diminutive theme.


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