The Easiest Open Easy-Open Can Opener

Easy pull can opener opening a tin of Donostia Foods Cod Fish in Biscayne Sauce


Our tins are, ostensibly, easy-open. But, they're also well sealed, and some have said they may be difficult to open due to arthritis or poor grip or just because of their fantastic seal. Fear not.

We have found a simple and sensible can opener that makes our easy-open tins easy to open for all.

Just pop the tab, get it on the end of the hook, and let leverage do the rest.

*UPDATE: This promotion has ended. Demand was extraordinary, and our supplies didn't last. But, we will have more available for order at a very reasonable price soon.

Thank you!* 

And, for a limited time, we're giving them away for free (until January 13, 2022 or while supplies last). Ordered from us before? Just send us a message requesting one and we'll send it to you. Ordering now? Just add your message requesting one in the comments section and we'll send it to you. Easy.

We want everyone to enjoy the superb seafood sealed so well within our tins, as easily as possible.


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