Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil for... Cocktails?

Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Interprofesional del Aceite de Oliva Español, working with Héctor Henche, creative director of the consulting firm Fizz Bartenders and a barman of renown in Spain answers the question above with a resounding, yes.

From Foods and Wines from Spain:

The idea was to create original cocktails that would highlight the different personalities of Spanish extra virgin olive oil. From the start this proposal was, at the very least, an amazingly ambitious one. I spoke to Héctor Henche about this experience, starting off with a question as basic as it was necessary to ask. What does Spanish EVOO contribute to the incredibly creative world of mixology? “Olive oil lends us significant doses of flavor, texture, shine... as well as originality. There are two keys: Spanish extra virgin olive oil has a silky texture and sheen that infuses our cocktails with vibrancy.”

If you fancy yourself a skillful and experimental bartender, let us know what you come up with in your cocktail laboratory.