Snack Battle: A Beer & Cider Snack-Down

Fullsteam Brewery

Photo credit: Fullsteam


Saturday, August 3rd, in Durham, NC, a snack battle of epic proportions will take place.

The ultimate matchup: Fullsteam Brewery vs. Botanist & Barrel--beer vs. cider--in a strange snack smackdown.

Food and beverage writer Jenn Rice guides hosts three rounds of guided tastings at 3pm. We’ve paired some of out cider and beer with strange snacks from around the world. Which one pairs best? You decide!

Patatas Torres Black Truffle chips
"Less is More" Pet Nat Cider vs We Live In A Society dry-hopped pilsner

Donostia Foods Spanish style canned sardines
Ugli Fruit Cider (aka Jamaican Tangelo) vs Brett Lager

Local cracklin's!
Sparkling Strawberry Cider vs Southern Basil farmhouse ale

The event starts at 3pm, for tickets click here.