Razor Clams & White Beans

Razor shell clams and white bean puree tapa


More specifically, a white bean purée. For expediency, you can find such a creamy spread at your local market under the guise of a dip or white bean hummus. If time is on your side, you can create your own in about 30 minutes following these instructions from Leite's Culinaria. A simple montadito that can be made in moments (once you have the purée ready and waiting ahead of time).

Razor Clams & White Beans

Total Time: depends.



1. Put all the things above on top of each other, in the order pictured.

2. While sampling what you've made, perhaps you'll find yourself gazing out the window at the skyline of Chicago, softly lit in the late afternoon sun as clouds roll in off the lake. Offices in skyscrapers going dark as their dwellers depart for the night, apartments brightening as their inhabitants return home. The far too early frigid air snapping at it all, almost visible against the plumes of warm air emanating from chimneys from here to there. Something like this.   


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