Mystery Lunch Time: Tinned Fish in the Pantry & Whatever Else is Around

Spiced sardines - tinned fish - with avocado - Donostia Foods


There's a tower of mystery tinned fish in the cupboard, the boxes with necessary description of contents discarded, for whatever reason. So... mystery lunch time with whatever else happens to be on hand.

The mystery tin selected today turned out to be: Sardines in Spiced Sauce (Sardinas Picantonas). Said sauce is a blend of tomato, olive oil, carrot, cucumber, red pepper, onion, and secret spice, quite suitable for a myriad of lunchtime complements. Available as complements? A nice, perfectly ripe avocado and a baguette. Thus, lunch turned out to be what you see: toasted baguette, avocado smash (with a touch of sherry vinegar), and sardinas picantonas. Mystery solved quite satisfactorily.