Cod Fish in Biscayne Sauce Sliders

Cod Fish in Biscayne Sauce Sliders - Donostia Foods


Everything is more fun when made tiny. This is part of the appeal of these small sliders, inspired by one of our customers mentioning their go-to combination of cod and white beans for an easy yet delicious meal. Mini brioche rolls contain the complementary ingredients to make the suitable for handheld consumption. And adorable.

Cod Fish in Biscayne Sauce Sliders

Total Time: If you're making the white bean purée just before the sliders, maybe 15 minutes. If you did that last night, the time it takes to toast the brioche.


  • Donostia Foods Cod Fish in Biscayne Sauce
  • 1 can of northern white beans
  • some minced garlic
  • a bit of white onion
  • a pour of olive oil in the amount of your liking
  • mini brioche rolls
  • green onion
  • salt & pepper


1. For the white bean purée, heat the garlic and white onion in a pan while at the same time draining that can of northern white beans and putting them in a food processor. You are good at multitasking.

2. Once the garlic and onion is nice and aromatic, add both to the food processor and use the tool for its designed purpose, slowly pouring in olive oil until you achieve your desired consistency. During this time you can also be toasting the tiny brioche rolls. An important step, but not one that warrants its own numbered sentence in these directions.

3. Open a tin or two of the cod fish in Biscayne sauce and make the sandwiches in the usual way sandwiches are made.

4. Enjoy with a cold beer. You deserve it.


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