Appearing in The Wall Street Journal: Donostia Foods

The Wall Street Journal mentions Donostia Foods Cod Fish in Biscayne Sauce and Cantabrian Anchovies


Donostia Foods had not one, but two of our foods mentioned in The Wall Street Journal just before Christmas. And it brought a tsunami. The best possible kind.

About our cod fish in Biscayne sauce, writer Benjamin Kemper says, "Salsa vizcaína is a Basque classic made from choricero peppers and onions. This rendition and the tender cod it swaddles taste so uncannily homemade, you could serve it to a Spanish abuela and she wouldn’t bat an eyelid."


As for our anchovies, he says, "Forget the limp, bristly, oversalted anchovies of bad Caesar salads and worse pizzas. Donostia’s anchovies are the real deal, wild-caught off the Cantabrian coast and salt-matured for six months."

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See additional details and serving suggestions for each by clicking the delectable photos above.