Anchovy Stuffed Olives of "Next Level Umami"

Anchovy Stuffed Olives of

If you're exploring the Internet in search of the finest anchovy stuffed olives for yourself or a loved one you will find numerous options. Which olives amongst this vast selection stand out above the rest? Which olives will have your friends commenting at your next party, "these olives are sensational!"? Which olives are the right olives?

Donostia Foods Manzanilla Olives stuffed with Anchovy.

Clearly, you would expect us to say such things as we're selling them. Our bias is self-evident. So, we offer the below review from someone just like you, someone who sought the best in anchovy stuffed olives the Internet could offer and by the grace of Google found Donostia Foods:

Bomb diggity. Next level umami. These olives have the most beguiling salinity and a lasting green olive punch. The contents don't stand a chance once the jar is opened. I killed four jars yesterday making Gildas for happy hour pintxos; Cantabrian anchovies, guindilla peppers, and an olive on a toothpick... brought me back to San Sebastian without the jetlag, Thanks Donostia Foods for providing the best anchovies, peppers and olives ever. I'm a lifer.

- NFA from Santa Fe, NM

Fairly persuasive evidence that our olives (and anchovies and peppers) are the answer to all the questions above.