A Bundle & A Sprig

A Bunch of Asparagus - Eduoard Manet - 1880

A Bundle of Asparagus, 1880.


In 1880, Eduoard Manet sold the above painting, A Bunch of Asparagus, to collector and art historian Charles Ephrussi. So delighted with the work was Ephrussi that he paid Manet 1,000 francs, 200 above the asking price. In response, the artist quickly painted the single sprig below and sent it to Ephrussi with the note, "there was one missing from your bunch."

"He paints freely, and purely for the pleasure."

A Sprig of Asparagus - Eduoard Manet - 1880

A Sprig of Asparagus, 1880. Musée d'Orsay